e-learning contentDeveloping Effective e-learning Content

In the modern world, every piece of information is just a mouse click away.  Therefore, the primary question for every e-learning author is ‘how you keep students focused and engaged on the material in your presentation’.  Here are some effective tips for e learning content development which can make your presentation and course content both dynamic and engaging.

Keep It Short

In busy lives, students only have a specific amount of patience and time to devote themselves to a single task.  Therefore, asking your students to devote a large portion of their time to a lengthy presentation or course won’t result in much retention of information.  You need to keep learning modules short.

This will let your audience know that you value their busy lives.  Moreover, it will encourage your students to keep aside a few minutes to complete the program.  It will also increase the likelihood of your students remembering more of the content.

Prioritize Information

This is one of the most important tips for e learning content development.  Most students don’t remember every piece of information in the content.  Thus, you need to prioritize the information.  If a student is able to just remember 3 points from the presentation, you need to decide what they should be.

When it comes to e learning, you have a limited amount of time to relay the materials.  Therefore, you should only choose what’s completely necessary in the module.  The amount of information you choose will vary with the purpose and type of course.  However, you still need to separate key points from vague or additional information.

Vary Content Types

It is important to vary content types to include certain interactive and engaging elements in your learning module.  When you add a wide range of content types, students will be able to remember more information.  You can add interactive and dynamic elements in many different ways.  Some of these have been listed below.

  • Background audio to properly open and close the presentation
  • Add question slides to generate interest
  • Include PowerPoint animations
  • Video slides are great to add variety
  • Additional resources for further reference
  • Make the Content Mobile Ready

These days, students like to access information on the go.  Therefore, e learning content development also needs to focus on accommodating the mobile learner.  You should make sure your presentation is easily accessible on a mobile device.  This way, students will be able to access the information anywhere, anytime and on any mobile device.

Closing Slide

Most content developers overlook the importance of a closing slide.  A closing slide can give a perfect finishing touch to your module.  This becomes even more important if the learning module ends on feedback or question slides.  The closing slide signals that the answer or feedback has been recorded.  Common examples of closing slides include ‘Thank You’, ‘Contact XXX For Any Questions’, ‘You Have Completed The Lesson’ and more.

With these tips, you will be able to develop content which is engaging and easy to understand.  It will make sure students pay more attention to the learning modules and remember more information.