Selecting an elearning Product

There are a large amount of options when you are selecting your elearning technology approach.  There are SCORM, and Tin-Can API compliant systems out there that you can pay many £1000s for.  These are the right choice for many large organisations and educational institutions who have thousands of students and employees who they are seeking to deliver content to.

So what is TUITLE all about?

TUITLE is an elearning system that has been written as a plug-in for WordPress.  There are various reasons why we have developed it this way.  The main one is that WordPress is a very easy to use content management system for both elearning content developers and the students or learners taking the courses.

Do I need a WordPress site already to use TUITLE?

Yes, and no.  TUITLE works seamlessly with a WordPress website, if you already have one then no worries, just download TUITLE, plug it in and away you go.  Many of our customers are not already WordPress users or site owners.  They choose to create a WordPress website (free of charge if you know what you are doing, very inexpensive these days to get a good web design company to help you out), in order to take advantage of the powerful TUITLE system.

How do I install TUITLE?

We have taken care of that.  It really is very easy.  Just follow our video tutorials, make use of our easy to follow user guide, and read our frequently asked questions.  When you purchase TUITLE you will be given log in access to our dedicated support area.  If you can’t find the answer in there then you can contact our team for support.

That sounds expensive?

Not at all.  In fact it is all included in the one-off lifetime license fee of $89.  Contact the TUITLE team as much or as little as you like.  You are our customer, you are important to us and we are here to help.