TUITLE is a powerful, simple and affordable e-learning plug-in for WordPress

Create your course content quickly and easily with the TUITLE e-learning WordPress plug-in! Created by our team of learning and technology experts this powerful yet simple to set up and manage system is packed with rich features. For a one-off lifetime usage fee of just $97 you can be up and running with your learning environment in minutes. Fully supported by our dedicated team TUITLE is a first class WordPress e-learning plug-in.

Tuitle Price

  • Easily installed within minutes
  • Adding courses is easy
  • Join a growing community of e-learning purchasers
  • Compatible with WordPress 3.8 and above
  • Works better with Theme My Login (Free) Plugin for redirecting users to your courses who signup, back to the page they came from.



TUITLE has all of the e-learning features you will need - the ability to create multi-layered content, knowledge checks, multiple test and content templates, learner certificates, system reporting and analytics and much more.

TUITLE Features

The TUITLE WordPress e-learning system is very powerful and packed with features, designed by our team of learning and technology experts. Here is a list of TUITLE key features.

Bespoke learner certificates generated by TUITLE and incorporating your company logo that can be saved as PDFs and printed off.

The ability to create courses in multiple layers, content is built at the course module, section and then slide level.

Full test functionality including multiple templates for questions, e.g. multiple choice, statement questions, multi-answer and true / false.

Include images, videos, animated gifs within the course content.


Check out the TUITLE demonstration video and see for yourself.

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At TUITLE we had one aim - to make e-learning simple to set up, manage and deliver to your customers.

TUITLE Support

Our dedicated support team are always on hand to help you out as you install the TUITLE system.

At TUITLE we know how valuable close and dedicated support is.  That is why our ground-breaking e-learning WordPress plug-in system is supported by our team.  Simply use the e-ticket system to raise your issue and we will get right back to you with our response.

Once you have bought the TUITLE system we will send you log in details for our dedicated support area which you can access from this site.

We also have the following support tools available to all of our customers:

  • TUITLE instructional video – just access the dedicated area of site for easy to follow video tutorial on how to install and use our system.

  • FAQs – we have rolled out TUITLE to a number of users already, here you will find a list of their frequently asked questions and our answers


TUITLE offers all of this powerful functionality and simplicity at a remarkably low and one time only price. There are no hidden extras or small print, the system is yours for life.

TUITLE Pricing

There are no hidden extras or small print, the system is yours for life.

The TUITLE system is available now for a one-off price of $97.  Yes, only $97 for a lifetime license to use TUITLE and gain the benefit of all of its powerful yet simple features for the benefit of your customers.
There are no hidden extras, no small print and no extra charges.  That is the TUITLE guarantee.  Just pay the one-off fee, download the system and off you go.

Our dedicated support is also available to all of our customers for as long as they continue to use the system.  All included in the one-off payment!

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Our plugin is available to purchase only $97